Rowney Green Players Theatre GroupRowney Green Players

Well established, enthusiastic and friendly
amateur dramatics group.

We meet regularly at Rowney Green Village
Hall near Redditch, Worcestershire and
produce 2 plays a year.

Helene Dryhurst

Helene Dryhurst

Production photos

Chase Me Comrade

Santa in Space


Fawlty Towers












Producing Credits

Producer   Chase Me, Comrade! (October 2011)

Producer   Santa in Space (November 2010)

Producer   Chase Me, Comrade! (April 2009)

Producer   Hi-De-Hi! (October 2008)

Producer   Old Mother Hubbard - A Wild West Adventure (November 2007)

Producer   Murdered To Death (April 2007)

Producer   Fawlty Towers (October 2006)

Producer   Out of Focus (November 2005)

Producer   It Runs in the Family (November 2004)

Producer   'Allo 'Allo (February 2004)

Acting Credits

Janet Rimmington   Chase Me, Comrade! (October 2011)

Peggy    Hi-De-Hi! (October 2008)

Polly   Fawlty Towers (October 2006)

Evonne Duckworth   Out of Focus (November 2005)

Jane Tate    It Runs in the Family (November 2004)

Yvette    'Allo 'Allo (February 2004)

Other Credits

Costumes   Chase Me, Comrade! (October 2011)

Costumes   Santa in Space (November 2010)

Costumes   Chase Me, Comrade! (April 2009)

Costumes   Hi-De-Hi! (October 2008)

Costumes   Old Mother Hubbard - A Wild West Adventure (November 2007)

Costumes   Murdered To Death (April 2007)

Costumes   Fawlty Towers (October 2006)

Costumes   Out of Focus (November 2005)

Costumes   It Runs in the Family (November 2004)

Costumes   'Allo 'Allo (February 2004)