Rowney Green Players Theatre GroupRowney Green Players

Well established, enthusiastic and friendly
amateur dramatics group.

We meet regularly at Rowney Green Village
Hall near Redditch, Worcestershire and
produce 2 plays a year.

Becca Williams

Becca Williams

Production photos

Chase Me Comrade

Santa in Space

Old Mother Hubbard in the Wild West

Murdered to Death












Directing Credits

Director   Old Mother Hubbard - A Wild West Adventure (November 2007)

Other Credits

Stage Manager   Chase Me, Comrade! (October 2011)

Stage Manager   Santa in Space (November 2010)

Stage Manager   Hi-De-Hi! (October 2008)

Stage Manager   Shut Your Eyes and Think of England (April 2008)

Stage Manager   Murdered To Death (April 2007)

Stage Manager   Fawlty Towers (October 2006)